Rhinoplasty – Is it worth it


A nose job in medical terms is referred to as rhinoplasty. It is a surgical procedure which restructures the shape or resizes the nose. If the nose is bent or crooked or the nose tip is drooping it can be corrected by using this method of surgery.


Anatomy of the Nose: The structural anatomy of the nose asks for surgical correction. It is divided into six parts such as the nasal soft tissue, the aesthetic segments, the blood supply arteries and veins, the nasal lymphatic system, the facial and nasal nerves and the nasal bones and cartilage

Open versus closed rhinoplasty. ; The plastic surgeons incision approach classifies the surgery to be either open or closed rhinoplasty. In open rhinoplasty the surgeon makes an incision to the fleshy exterior end of the nasal septum.

Reasons for reconstruction: The reasons can be many such as skin cancer, traumatic nasal defect and congenital deformities.

Post surgical recovery: After the patient returns home after surgery, he needs to rest and allow the nasal cartilage and bone tissues to heal. This is also supported with antibiotics, pain killers and steroids. These are use to reduce the pain and faster healing. Normally after a week the patient can be allowed to go outdoors. The sutures are removed after four to five days and the external cast is taken off after a week. The bruising under the eyes takes at least two weeks to disappear.

Risks: This surgery is absolutely safe though at times complications may arise. Infection is rare for a couple of days the patient may complain of difficulty in breathing.


 When one decides on a nose job one must be absolutely sure what he or she wants from the surgeon. The surgery will also consider your overall health before beginning the surgery. There are various methods in restructuring the nose. Once the patient decides on the procedure the doctor goes ahead as planned.

In the United States this surgery is one of the most plastic surgeries performed. In the year two thousand alone there were over two lakhs procedures performed. A surgeon in the procedure sculpts the cartilage and bone of the nose. Nose surgery is a safe, effective and time tested solution. The operation can also correct structural defects including those causing breathing problems.

Ideal Nose shaping candidates:  there are a few reasons which are as follows:

  • Having a nose that the patient feels it is too large or too small
  • Having a bump on the bridge of the nose.
  • Having a nose that is drooping
  • Having a bulbous tip
  • Having nostrils that are extremely flared or pinched
  • Having a nose that is crooked or off center.
  • Having breathing problems due to irregularity with internal nose structure.

Purpose of the surgery: This surgery is done to modify reshape and size and overall appearance of the nose. At times surgeons may recommend a chin implant to be inserted. Many patients ask the doctor to widen or narrow the nose, reshape the tip of the nose and alter the angle between the nose and the upper lips.…